Transforming Tragedy into Triumph (a work in progress)

A portrait of Konrad Brzezinski, Master Watchmaker, in Rye, NY. A film by Michael Dwyer and Robert Todd.
Rye, NY-- How does a business survive in Rye, for 10, 20 or even 50 years? A film by Michael Dwyer & Robert Todd attempts to answer this question. RISING TIDE chronicles the history of small businesses in Rye as seen through the eyes of numerous shop owners. 
RISING TIDE recounts a local history through the voices of multiple generations while offering a captivating view into the unique workings of each person's craft or business. The film chronicles the lives, the struggles, and the behind-the-counter activities of people who are involved in trades that are increasingly marginalized by the high cost of living, the arrival of large franchises in the community, and technological advances.
A short profile of Patrick Barr, Urban Golfer
Documentation of Joshua Stern's painting exhibition in Woodstock, NY.
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